Sunday, August 14, 2011

Piano Recital

I went to a Piano recital. I did not practice that much but I did a good job. When it was my turn I was a little nervous. But i did it without noticing. After the recital I got mad, because I never got to go to Anjaney's party. I was upset.
We went to the shop after the recital. I got very very bored. After the shops. We went home. I was in a pale mood. After a little while I got to go to Yastvita's house. It was fun. When I came back I did dinner and watched some TV.

Monday, August 8, 2011

the bahamas

We went to  Florida by car early in the morning, with my friend Bhavik. It took us  a whole day to get there because it was the end of the state. Once we arrived there we slept over there. And me and my friend were looking outside the hotel room. When he came in I brought my PSP. He was amazed. He thought the PSP was awesome. When our parents said to go we both said by to each other. The next day we woke up and we went on a bus together. I was scared of the ship because it might sink. When we got on the ship, I was afraid when the ship started. After that me and Bhavik played fater that. At night when we went to a concert on the ship we were bored. It was  a hard time having to wait, and wait, and wait. AFter the concert we kept on playing with each other. After that we went to sleep.
The next day we went to the Bahamas we went to pet the dolphins. After that we went back to the ship and we played again. The next day me and Bhavik went together to the beach. There we played with the sand and took a banana boat ride. It went very fast and I was chanting Hanuman Ji's prayer because of I was very afraid. When we came back I felt all dizzy. Then after that I found a sea shell that looked just like a very old sea shell. Bhavik asked me if I could find him one. But I said there was no more. They were hard to find.
To be continued.................

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Earth got black and white Story

Once upon  a time there was  a kid whose name was Samarth. One day a meteor crashed into Earth. Something weird happened. The Earth became black and white. Everybody became blind, except Samarth..

to be continued.......

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baseball Game - 2011

When we were playing baseball against Cradinals, we lost the game by one point. We played as hard as we could. They beat us by one point but we still did a very good job. Some runner beat us at the end after we had the tie.
But we were still happy as we played good.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Best Pool Party

One Saturday I had a pool party. My friend Bhavik came to the pool party. When he came I was so excited to see him with his sister. My sister was excited too. He changed his clothes and his sister did it too. We then went outside to throw water balloons and went in the pool with a water slide. The babies took all the water balloons. Bhavik and me were mad. We told the adults. They did not care. We did not like it too. Then we were very bored. Then we got out of the pool and took a bath. My sister did first. After that we ate dinner. Then someone else came. We then watched Sponge bob. Then they went. The end of the story.

My Soccer Game

I once went to a soccer game. We beat the team by 11 points and they scored zero. It was a very good game. That day we only had three team members including me. Then after the game was over one of my team mates came running ready to play. It was funny, we all laughed.
We played really good as a team. Our defense was really good. We helped each other. We kept on passing the ball like a Z.
We learned a lesson that in order to win we should help each other and work like a team.

GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!